Book Review

Following are the book(s) I have reviewed:

TitleAndroid Database Programming

 PublisherPackt Publishing

Android Database Programming


1. Master the skills to build data-centric Android applications
2. Go beyond just code by challenging yourself to think about practical use-cases with SQLite and others
3. Focus on flushing out high level design concepts, before drilling down into different code examples

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Title: Android Tablet Developer’s Cookbook

PublisherAddison-Wesley Professional

Android_Tablet_Cook_Book Overview:

The Android Tablet Developer’s Cookbook helps experienced Android developers leverage new Android 4.2.2 features to build  compelling applications that take full advantage of tablets’ bigger screens, dual-core processors, and larger, faster memory.  Tightly focused on Android 4.2.2’s tablet-related capabilities, it presents an unparalleled library of easy-to-reuse code for  solving real-world problems. Everything is organized in modular, standalone sections designed to help students quickly find    what they’re looking for.

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TitleA Hands-On Guide to Building Android Applications

PublisherAddison-Wesley Professional

0321902939 Overview:

Learning Android Application Programming teaches those who have some programming experience how to build a state of  the art Android application from the ground up, while utilizing the latest Android SDK and tool set. Readers will find a  beginner Android application development tutorial that offers a series of easy, step by step lessons focused on learning by  doing. This book helps students with a web development background get started with the powerful functionality of Android  development. The book offers a complete picture of the Android Application development life cycle using Java, from start  to finish.

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